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Transformer bushing is introduced


Transformer bushing is the main outside the transformer tank insulation device, leads for transformer winding must be through the insulation casing, between the lead and lead wire and transformer insulation between the shell, and fixed lead role. Due to the different voltage level, insulation with pure porcelain casing pipe, oil filled form and capacitor casing pipe, etc. Pure porcelain bushing transformer used for 10 kv and below, it is in the porcelain bushing wear a conductive copper rod, porcelain set for air insulation. Oil-filled bushing is multi-purpose at level 35 kv transformer, it is in the porcelain bushing oil filled, in porcelain casing wear a conductive copper rod, copper rod outsourcing insulating paper. Capacitive casing by the main condenser core insulation, insulation porcelain, up and down outside the joint sleeve, oil pillow, spring assembly, base, equalizing goal, measuring terminals.

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