This product uses 11 umbrellas, an integral design, suitable for 35KV, 10KN and other power station lines, using horizontal installation.

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Product model Rated voltage(kV)
Rated mechanical bending load
Structure height H.(mm) Minimum arc distance Li.(mm) minI creepage distance Lc(mm) Diameter of shed D.(mm) Lightning impulse withstand voltage KV P.F. 1 min withstand voltage (Virtual value)(kV)
FZSW-35/10 35 10 530 356 1200 152/120 240 90

This product is made with two design methods, split type and integral type.

Since the pin insulator is a special post insulator, and the test method is the same as the pin insulator, the test report of the pin insulator can be used instead of the post insulator. There is no need to make a separate test report, and foreign projects are all approved.

The customers who usually use this insulator most come from Africa.

Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two products?
A:The split type is not as good as the integral type in bending resistance, but the price is relatively cheap, and the life of the integral type is longer than that of the split type.

Q:Is your hot-dip galvanizing coated according to IEC standard?
A:Yes, all our fittings are coated in strict accordance with IEC standards.

Q:On the packaging, how did you arrange it? 
A:Our light products are packed in cartons, and the heavier ones are packed in cartons and trays. For high voltage, we use export wooden boxes. In principle, if we pack products in cartons and there is no tray, our weight per carton does not exceed 20KG.