10KV lightning arrester type fuse

10KV lightning arrester type fuse

This product is made according to the drawings of Tanzanian customers, and has both lightning arrester and fuse functions.

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    This product is our new product ,Simultaneously equipped with lightning arrester and fuse functions, convenient for users to maintain and install in the future.if need the full data,please mail to me!

Our company can produce high-voltage products from 5KV to 550KV and has many years of experience in design, manufacturing and research and development. Our product production equipment, technology, speed, and cost control far exceed those of ordinary manufacturers. In the last 20 years, our products have never had quality problems.

We also produce both conventional and special pin insulators.

In these 20 years, we have provided high-quality products for projects in Tanzania, Zambia, Nigeria, Uganda, Greece, the Philippines, Vietnam, Oman, Jordan, Indonesia, Argentina, Chile and other countries.


Q:Can pillar products be customized?
A:Yes,more product need customized,if you have drawing or full data,we customized it is not problem.

Q:On the packaging, how did you arrange it? 
A:Our light products are packed in cartons, and the heavier ones are packed in cartons and trays. For high voltage, we use export wooden boxes. In principle, if we pack products in cartons and there is no tray, our weight per carton does not exceed 20KG.

Q:Can customers visit every production process?
A:Some workshops are classified, such as the casing winding workshops are not allowed to visit, because these workshops have our company's unique technology.