11KV Lightning protection fuse combination device

11KV Lightning protection fuse combination device

Lightning protection fuse combination device has the dual functions of lightning arrester and fuse, which can complete the replacement of lightning arrester.

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       This product is provided by our African customers. Every year, African countries use this product in large quantities. It is suitable for 10-15KV high-voltage lines, meets the basic parameters of all 10-15KV lines, and has both lightning arrester and fuse functions. If the customer needs specific size parameters, please email us, we will provide you with our drawing size, and we can customize similar products according to the customer's drawing.


          Our company specializes in the series products of composite insulator (power line, substation, electric railway series), composite dry wall bushing, lighting arrester and fuse cutout etc.

All products are qualified by Ministry of Power Industry electrical equipment quality inspection center and National Insulator & Lighting Arrester quality control test of inspection center, agreed with National industrial, IEC AND ANSI standard, and accreditation through State Power Corporation and China Machinery Industry Federation "Two Ministry" new product and Zhejiang Province Science & Technology Hall, Province Electric Power Industry Bureau, Province Mechanical Industry Bureau federation of new products of scientific and technical results.  Product quality is insured by People’s Insurance Company of China. Series of composite insulators and Zinc Oxide Arrester manufactured by our company, sharing the features of advanced design, reasonable structure, reliable performance, that achieve the national leading level. Our silicone Rubber  insulator used on high-voltage line had been placed "National Spark plan" by Chinese Technical department, Composite Cross-arm Insulator had been honored City Technical Metal; and we are the first private enterprise that got KEMA test report for Composite Insulator in China. Our products sell well through all parts of the country, as well as finding good markets in Iran, Vietnam, Syria, Kenya, England, Chile Argentina, Ghana, Yemen etc., gaining favorable comments of domestic and abroad users.

Our company also produces various lightning arresters, ranging from 10KV to 110KV, but we currently only have test reports for arresters below 36KV.

Our customers have a wealth of product knowledge and can compete well for projects in various countries.

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