33KV surge arrester type fuse

33KV surge arrester type fuse

This product is a product developed according to the detailed drawings of African customers. The cheap lightning arrester and the fuse are well combined and have the functions of two products at the same time.

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This product adopts the combined design of 19 shed arrester and 20 shed fuse, which is suitable for 30-36KV high-voltage lines. It has simple maintenance, easy to find damaged parts and live operation, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the line.Some African countries purchase this product in large quantities every year.

Our company produces all kinds of composite insulators, lightning arresters, fuses, isolating switches, bushings and other high-voltage products.

Every year, projects in various countries purchase products from our company, especially the national power bureaus like Greece, Jordan, Oman and other countries designated to use our company's high-voltage products.

Our company has the most complete laboratory in China, which can realize the experiment of high-pressure various project parameters. Can accurately test the parameters of our company's products.