This product is customized according to the customer's information. The design of the three shed makes the creepage distance more in line with the customer, and also saves a lot of cost.

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Product model Rated voltage(kV)
Rated mechanical bending load
Structure height H.(mm) Minimum arc distance Li.(mm) minI creepage distance Lc(mm) Diameter of shed D.(mm) Lightning impulse withstand voltage KV P.F. 1 min withstand voltage (Virtual value)(kV)
FXBW-15/70 15 70 310 160 400 125/95 75 42
FXBW-15/70 15 70 380 230 540 125/95 75 42

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Different fittings have different structural heights, but the insulation distance and creepage distance are the same. Similarly, the same fittings and different loads have different structural heights.