This product uses 7 large and small shed, suitable for 17.5KV, 4KN power station lines.Main Technical Parameters (performance meet the GB/T9519-2004、IEC61952)

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Product model Rated voltage(kV)
Rated mechanical bending load
Structure height H.(mm) Minimum arc distance Li.(mm) minI creepage distance Lc(mm) Diameter of shed D.(mm) Lightning impulse withstand voltage KV P.F. 1 min withstand voltage (Virtual value)(kV)
FZSW-17.5/4 17.5 4 285 190 580 122/92 141


Our company can produce products ranging from 5KV to 550KV, and has many years of design and production experience. Our product production equipment, technology, speed and cost control far exceed those of ordinary manufacturers.

Pillar products are divided into horizontal clamps and vertical lines.

The test report of post insulator is generally shared with pin insulator.

Q:Can pillar products be customized?
A:Yes,it is no problem.

Q:Where are pillar products generally used?
A:Generally used on power station lines.

Q: How many shed can be made of pillar insulators?
A: 31 shed.