This product is the most commonly used short-circuit protection switch on 30kV~38KV high-voltage lines. It has the characteristics of economy, easy operation, and strong adaptability to outdoor environments. The product material is designed with ceramics.

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This product has been expanded under the original conventional fuse according to the requirements of Zambian customers, and the creepage distance has been increased from 660mm to 900mm.

About this product some test report result:
Mechanical stability test 

Mechanical strength test of fuse base and carrier element:

1.The fuse should be able to withstand the deformation and damage of opening and closing 500 times without disturbing the normal operation:

Result:The fuse can withstand the deformation and damage of opering and closing 500 times without disturbing the normal operation;

Fuse mechanical strength test:

1.Stantic test:applying a predetermined axial tension of 60N on the fuse,gradually pulling force until the predetermined value,the holding time should no less than 30min the fuse may not slip,deform.

Restult:No slip,deformation

2.Dynamic test:install the fuse elecment in the prescribed fuse,in accordance with operating rules,closing-opening operation 20 times,the fuse shall not slip,deform.

Restult:Closing-opening operation:20 time,No slip,deformation

The above test data comes from Gansu Electric Apparatus Research Institute test report.

Rate voltage
Rate current
creepage distance
Impulse voltage
P.F.withstand voltage
30~38 100 900 ceramics
185 70 IEC 60282
30~38 200 900 ceramics
180 70 IEC 60282

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