This product is designed with 27 shed and is suitable for 30-37KV, 10KA power station lines. At the same time, it can also be used on 5KA power station lines after the change of resistors. The shed diameter is 110/80mm. The creepage distance is: 1200mm, in the case of 10KA (8/20), the residual voltage is: 94KV, and the effective value of the continuous operating voltage is 28.8KV. The entire product is produced in strict accordance with IEC 6009-4&GB/T11032-2010.

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Rated voltage
Nominal discharge current
Min electric creepage distance
Residual voltage at(8/20) 10kA
HY10WZ-36    36 10 28.8 1200 108

State:Diversified products enable our company to better select products that meet customer requirements according to customer needs, so that customers can find their favorite products without remaking molds, thereby saving customers more costs.

Our customers often send us the best-selling products in their country for development and optimization, so that they have more advantages in the competition of projects in their own country.

European customers have very strict product quality requirements, and our products have been further improved under the guidance of European customers.


Q:What is the production cycle?
A:The production cycle depends on the product model and quantity, and generally only takes about 20 days.

Q:Which port is better for shipping from your company?
A:The port is determined according to the customer's requirements, but it is best to be at Ningbo, Wenzhou or Shanghai port.