This product is designed with five equal diameter shed, used in 10-17.7KV lines or power stations, with a continuous operating voltage of 13.6KV and a nominal discharge current of 5KA. All our products can be customized according to customer drawings or data, we The data marked on the drawings are all calibrated according to the IEC standard, but we generally calibrate the drawings to the customers according to the data required by the customers. The premise is that our product can reach this data. Our company will summarize the customer's requirements every year to innovate. Some products can better save the cost of customers, thereby improving the success rate of the medium rate. All arrester products use standard accessories. If customers need iron brackets, counters and other accessories, please explain in advance.

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Rated voltage
Nominal discharge current
Min electric creepage distance
Residual voltage at(8/20) 10kA
17 5 13.6 / 45

At present, there are few test reports for our arresters, but we already have the commonly used test reports. We are still adding test reports for arresters. In the next few years, we will add a variety of arresters, and we also accept product customization.

Although our laboratory is not certified by IEC, our machines are purchased according to international requirements, and the data of our experiments are completely true and correct. Our laboratory can carry out physical and chemical experiments. We can test the voltage level from 1KV-500KV. The data given to us by general customers will be reported to the customer after the experiment. Can better help customers through project experiments.

At present, our products are mainly composite insulators, supplemented by arresters and fuses, but starting from this year, we will vigorously develop arresters, fuses, and improve test reports.