This product is a new product of our company. It is a product designated by our American customers. This product is mainly sold to various American standard countries, with an annual sales volume of 600,000PCS.

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Rated voltage

Nominal discharge current NCOV Min electric creepage distance DC(U1mA)Ret.voltage Lightning impulse residual voltage
HY5WZ-10 10 5kA 8.5kV 380mm 17.5kV 30kV

State:Our company has participated in engineering projects all over the world, and basically our products are suitable for every country

According to different lines, we also researched and issued many practical insulators and applied for corresponding patents.

Our company is currently developing a variety of products used in high voltage, such as drop-out fuses, Zno arresters, etc.


Q:Can you design the product according to the customer's drawings or description?
A: Yes,it is no problem.

Q: Which certificate do you have? 
A: ISO9001

Q:Have you had any quality problems with your products?
A:In these 20 years, we have not had any product quality problems.

Q: What’s your after-sale service? 
A: Our quality warranty period is one year. Any quality problem will be solved to customer satisfactions.