For this product ,it used for 30-40.5 KV transformer substation.the current have 630A 1250A,1600A and 2000A,we also can make 2500A ,3150A,4000A ,the size as different as this product .

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Product model Total length(mm) Outdoor insulation distance(mm) Outdoor mini creepage distance(mm) Indoor insulation distance(mm) Indoor mini creepage distance(mm) Indoor max length (mm) Installed flange thickness(mm) Lightning impulse withstand  vlotage(KV) Power frequency withstand voltage(kV) Rated voltage(KV) Cantilever load test(N)
1230 440 1240 365 790 / 15 200 95 30~40


After more than 20 years of effort, we have successfully established long-term cooperation with clients from multiple countries, including Greece, Jordan, Oman, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Romania, Argentina, the Philippines, South Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other countries.

We have experienced sales representatives who are very knowledgeable about products, projects, and the situation of various countries, and they can provide customers with reliable advice.

In accordance with IEC standards, equipment in the insulator industry must be inspected and maintained once a year. Many manufacturers do not strictly follow this regulation, so their products are a bit biased every year.

The cores used in our wall bushings are all made by ourselves.


Q: Can you customize the product?
A: YES,we supply OEM AND ODM.often our factory according client data to check the product ,our factory have more size product ,I think our factory Will meet the needs of your company.

Q:Is your company specializing in insulator products?
A: Yes,our main product is composite insulator more than 20 year.

Q: Do you provide equalizing rings?
A: if client need,we can provide.