This product is designed with 23 shed. the voltage can reach 110KV, and the installation method is horizontal. The sheath diameter is 90mm.

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Product model Rated voltage(kV)
Rated mechanical bending load
Structure height H.(mm) Minimum arc distance Li.(mm) minI creepage distance Lc(mm) Diameter of shed D.(mm) Lightning impulse withstand voltage KV P.F. 1 min withstand voltage (Virtual value)(kV)
FS-110/10 110 10 1300 1080 3320 215/185 495 250

All products will be tested according to the parameters required by customers before leaving the factory, so that the products will be sent to customers in the best condition.

Our customers often send us the best-selling products in their country for development and optimization, so that they have more advantages in the competition of projects in their own country.

We will sample all orders to our laboratory for extreme experiments. Ensure the best life of the product.

Q:Can it be improved and optimized based on the customer's product?
A:We can improve the products according to the products provided by customers and specific project requirements, so that the cost is lower, the performance is more superior, and the products are more competitive.

Q:How do you make your sign?
A:Our company has its own laser burner, which can directly burn the customer's sign on the product, or use the printer to print out the sign and paste it on the product. If the quantity is large, we can make the mold and directly make the sign into the mold.

Q:How long is your price valid?
A:Under the circumstance that the exchange rate and materials will not change much, our price is unchanged, but we are optimizing our products every year, and the price may also be reduced slightly.