This product is suitable for 66KV, 5KN high-voltage power station lines, using 19 umbrellas, the spacing is 65mm and the sheath diameter is 70mm.

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Product model Rated voltage(kV)
Rated mechanical bending load
Structure height H.(mm) Minimum arc distance Li.(mm) minI creepage distance Lc(mm) Diameter of shed D.(mm) Lightning impulse withstand voltage KV P.F. 1 min withstand voltage (Virtual value)(kV)
FS-66/5 66 5 850 650 1930 160/130 340 140

The quality of our products is better than other manufacturers because we strictly follow the IEC standard production, and our silicon package thickness does not cut corners.

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Q: Are your company's production certificates complete?
A: Yes ,we have full certificates.

Q: What adjustments have you made to the production equipment?
A: We will adjust the height of the production equipment according to the actual production situation, so that workers can put in the mold more conveniently and accurately.

Q: Can we use our own logo? 
A: Yes, we can print your private logo according to your request.