HGW9-10 type outdoor disconnect switch has simple structure, convenient price, simple use. It is composed of base, support insulator, electricity conduct part and mechanism, using blade structure to open and close circuit. Blade of each phase is composed of two blades. There are compress springs on the two sides of blades, to adjust for getting needed pressure. When open and close switch, use insulating bar operating mechanism. Blade have self-lock device.

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Product model HGW9-10W/200 HGW9-10W/400 HGW9-10W/630 HGW9-10W/1000
 Rated Voltage (KV)  12 12 12 12
Rated Current(A) 200 400 630 1000
 4s Heat stabilization current (A) 12500 12500 12500 12500
 Dynamic stabilization current (A) 31500 31500 31500 31500
impulse withstand voltage (KV) phase to earth 75 75 75 75
between opening contacts 85 85 85 85
P.F. withstand voltage (KV) phase to earth 38 38 38 38
between opening contacts 42 42 42 42

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Q:Can you design the product according to the customer's drawings or description?
A: Yes,it is no problem.

Q: Which certificate do you have? 
A: ISO9001

Q:Have you had any quality problems with your products?
A:In these 20 years, we have not had any product quality problems.

Q: What’s your after-sale service? 
A: Our quality warranty period is one year. Any quality problem will be solved to customer satisfactions.