This product is a newly developed product introduced by our company this year, and all test reports have passed. The annual sales volume of this product has reached 300,000 pieces.Cut-out fuse and load-off cut-out fuse , are suitable for power transformer and line short circuit , over –load protection as well as breaking and making load current using in power system which rated frequency 50Hz , rated voltage 35kV or less , installing high voltage side of power distribution transformer or distributing main line. They are one kind ideal outdoor protector.

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Rated voltage
Minimum continuous current carrying capacity
Min electric creepage distance
Material of insulator
HRW-15/100 15 100 320 polymeric IEC60282

The quality of our products is better than other manufacturers because we strictly follow the IEC standard production, and our silicon package thickness does not cut corners.

State:Diversified products enable our company to better select products that meet customer requirements according to customer needs, so that customers can find their favorite products without remaking molds, thereby saving customers more costs.

We will sample all orders to our laboratory for extreme experiments. Ensure the best life of the product.

Q:Can customers visit every production process?
A:Some workshops are classified, such as the casing winding workshops are not allowed to visit, because these workshops have our company's unique technology.

Q:On the packaging, how did you arrange it? 
A:Our light products are packed in cartons, and the heavier ones are packed in cartons and trays. For high voltage, we use export wooden boxes. In principle, if we pack products in cartons and there is no tray, our weight per carton does not exceed 20KG.

Q:Where are pillar products generally used?
A:Generally used on power station lines.