Cut-out fuse is most commonly used short-circuit protection switch for 33kV distribution line branch lines and distribution transformers. It has the characteristics of economy, convenient operation, and strong adaptability to outdoor environments. It is widely used as protection for 33kV distribution lines and the primary side of distribution transformers. And for equipment switching and cutting operations.
This product uses for 14 shed design with a structural height of 610mm.and this product is loved by the majority of African customers.

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Rate voltage

Rate current

creepage distance

Rated circuit break current

Impulse voltage

P.F.withstand voltage

33 100 900 5 185 70 IEC 60282
33 200 900 12.5 185 70 IEC 60282

In accordance with IEC standards, equipment in the insulator industry must be inspected and maintained once a year. Many manufacturers do not strictly follow this regulation, so their products are a bit biased every year.

We will sample all orders to our laboratory for extreme experiments. Ensure the best life of the product.
We have a well-equipped laboratory for physics and chemistry experiments.

Our products are strictly screened, tested and inspected from the purchase of materials to delivery to ensure the quality of the products.



Q:On the packaging, how did you arrange it? 
A:Our light products are packed in cartons, and the heavier ones are packed in cartons and trays. For high voltage, we use export wooden boxes. In principle, if we pack products in cartons and there is no tray, our weight per carton does not exceed 20KG.

Q:Does your company have a laboratory that can do any experiments.
A:Our company laboratory can do not more than 500KV test.