The drop-out fuse is installed on the branch line of the 11kV distribution line, which can reduce the power outage range. Because it has an obvious disconnection point, it has the function of an isolating switch, creating a safe working environment for the lines and equipment in the maintenance section. Improve the sense of security of maintenance personnel. Installed on distribution transformers, it can be used as the main protection of distribution transformers, so it has been popularized in 10kV distribution lines and distribution transformers.
This product is designed with 10 equal-diameter shed with a diameter of 90mm. This product is a customized product under the guidance of African customers.

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Rate voltage
Rate current
Structure height
Rated circuit break current
Impulse voltage
P.F.withstand voltage
11 100 350 6.3 75 42 IEC 60282
11 200 350 12.5 75 42 IEC 60282

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