ZnO lighting arrester is one kind most world advanced over-voltage protector at present. Due to its core components of resistance applying ZnO and other metal oxide to make of, comparing with traditional carborundum arrester. It Improves greatly V-A characteristics of Resistance, increases the getting through ability of resistance, thereby it brings fundamental change to features of arrester.
Under normal working voltage, the current passing arrester only A class, when bearing over voltage, the excellent non-linear V-A features of arrester would make effect , the current passing through the arrester increase high to thousands of Ampere instant, the arrester is under getting through state, to release over-voltage energy, therefore it effective limits the damage to power transmission equipments due to over voltage.

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Model Rated voltage Nominal discharge current NCOV type DC(U1mA)Ret.voltage Lightning impulse residual voltage
HY5WX-108/281 110 5kA 84kV line type 157kV ≦323kV
HY5WX-108/309 110 5kA 84kV line type 173kV ≦348kV
HY10WX-108/281 110 10kA 84kV line type 157kV ≦315kV
HY10WX-108/309 110 10kA 84kV line type 173kV ≦348kV
HY10CX-102/296 110 10kA 84kV line type 148kV ≦332kV

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