3 pole  Isolation switch

3 pole Isolation switch

Manufacture according IEC standards.Up to 36kV,900A,200kV BIL.Three phase disconnector. Porcelain and polymer type insulator.Manual and electric drivers.Accessories and relays.

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Rated voltage
KV 12 24 36
Rated current
A 400/630
Rated frequency
Hz 50/60
Rated short-time withstand current
kA 20 20 50/60
Rated short-circuit duration
s 4    4 4
Main loop resistance
Lightning impulse withstand voltage.
kV 75
125 185
Mechanical life
2000 2000 2000

We not only produce lightning arresters, we also produce composite insulators, wall bushings, transformer bushings, isolating switches and other high-voltage products.

We participate in various countries and various electric power exhibitions every year. We have learned more experience from the exhibition to optimize our products. At the exhibition, we have won praises from customers from many countries and power bureaus.

Our customers often send us the best-selling products in their country for development and optimization, so that they have more advantages in the competition of projects in their own country.



A:Can you customize the arrester ?

B:Yes,we can according to client data to make the product.but some product need make model.


AHow many years of tender does your company have?

Bmore than 20 year.


A:Can your company provide complete tender documents?

B:Yes,we can according to tender require to make the file.