This product is a new model wall-through bushing, which used new model insulating material in the internal insulation, and used high performance, high temperature silicon sulfide hydrocarbon in the external insulation, and have fine anti-pollution and explosion proof performance, it accords with the trend in development of non-oil and miniaturization of the power department. It is satisfied with the requirement of the urban &rural electrical net rebuild of the new generation high voltage products.
Main Technical Parameters (performance meet the GB/T4109)

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Product model Total length(mm) Outdoor insulation distance(mm) Outdoor mini creepage distance(mm) Indoor insulation distance(mm) Indoor mini creepage distance(mm) Indoor max length (mm) Installed flange thickness(mm) Distance between center holes on flange(mm) Hole numbers on flange (n) Distance between holes of the connecting terminal (mm) Hole numbers on the connecting teminal(n)
FCGW-12/200~630 530 190 285 200 240 280 10 Φ90 4-Φ14 M20 4-Φ14
FCGW-12/800~3150 780 170 420 170 340 370 15 Φ200 4-Φ18 40X40 4-Φ14
FCGW-12/4000 980 210 440 210 430 470 15 Φ200 4-Φ18 50X50 4-Φ14

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In accordance with IEC standards, equipment in the insulator industry must be inspected and maintained once a year. Many manufacturers do not strictly follow this regulation, so their products are a bit biased every year.


Q: What equipment does your company have?
A: Vulcanizing machine, rubber mixing machine, winding machine, crimping machine, tensile testing machine, power frequency testing machine, lightning testing machine, high-voltage experimental transformer, mold modification machine and other equipment.

Q:Is your company specializing in insulator products?
A: Yes,our main product is composite insulator.

Q: Do you provide equalizing rings?
A: if client need,we can provide.